Premises: Architecture / by Beverly Eichenlaub

The task of to interpret a way of life valid for our time....
— S. Gideon; Space, Time and Architecture
Architecture should stand as an eloquent reminder of our full potential.
— A. de Botton; The Architecture of Happiness

Despite the clarity of architecture’s task, the world in which we build is undergoing dramatic
change: ecological degradation, accelerating population growth, resource depletion, cultural fragmentation. Our response as makers of the built environment must be thoughtful, idealistic, and pragmatic at once. The changing world is at the same time providing us with the rapid development of tools to meet this challenge: material innovation, information management, communication systems, virtual simulation, digital fabrication. It is our challenge to effectively deploy the new tools at our disposal to answer the world’s changing conditions in a way that positively reinforces the contribution that place makes to our personal and collective identity.